A place we never forget

Located in the beautiful region of Dão Lafões , known for wonderful places surrounded by a jagged landscape of mountains and rivers , No ‘Clock is based on a rurality where you can enjoy the wealth of agricultural and wine land surrounding the Dinha river and Dão river, and further, the wonderful views of the Serra do Caramulo.

One of the main attractions of the region is undoubtedly the traditional gastronomy and the Dão wine. With a length of approximately 376 000 hectares the region of Dão, is grateful to wine tourism with beautiful wine routes to be visited and tasted.

Another attraction of the region is Ecopista do Dão, with an extension of 49.2 kilometers of railway converted into what is now the largest Ecopista of Portugal and crosses three counties, Viseu, Tondela and Santa Comba Dao. The route is quite engaging, through diverse landscapes ranging from forest to the vineyard, through intensive farming areas, crossing also some urban areas. A large part of Ecopista is located on the banks of the river Dao, ideal for water sports like canoeing or fishing. We also find footpaths and trails organized for tour and adventure.