The train gave us
one of the best advice:
stop, listen and look.

The railway has shortened distances, gave more time to the clock.
It brought knowledge, new goods. It was a time of experiences and adventures.
It discovered new opportunities.
It joined families.

Quality time in the Ecopista do Dão

The railway made it possible, that trips which lasted months only last a few days, and the ones that lasted days only last hours. From that moment the hands of the clocks have started to run slower. The people have been having more time. This is a challenge to wellness, an invitation to take a break to live / feel the time without the pressure of the clock.

Casa da Estação – No’Clock  is a cottage located at Km 34.5 of the Ecopista do Dão, an old converted railway line in what is now the largest greenway of Portugal . Like the Stop, Look and Listen that was suggested to us when we come to a railway line, No’Clock challenges the visitor, nature lover, to take a break to live and feel the time without the pressure of the clock.

Based on hospitality and personalized welcome and in the most genuine traditions of gastronomy, arts and crafts, popular culture, architecture, folklore and history, focusing on authentic and sustainability, No’clock pretends that the CottageTourism is understood as a complete and diverse product, which integrates several components: housing, food and entertainment and leisure.