Quality Cottage tourism

Registo Nacional dos Empreendimentos Turístic​os (RNET) N.º 5314

Based on hospitality and personalized welcome and in the most genuine traditions of gastronomy, arts and crafts, popular culture, architecture, folklore and history, focusing on the authentic and sustainability.

No’Clock has two units of 1 bedroom accommodation, allowing the stay of 4 people per unit.

The decor and the ambience combine the simplicity of the rural environment with comfort and modernity.

The house is inserted in a little farm. Developing on several levels, we first meet a wooded area with native species, inviting us to sit and enjoy the serenity of the views that go to the Dinha river, while the youngsters enjoy the treehouse that was made between the oaks. Then, we find a small orchard, which leads us to a vegetable garden where practice of biological agriculture is used.

No’ Clock offers an invitation to take a break to live / feel the time without the clock pressure.